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Digestible courses to help Christians learn the Bible in context and experience spiritual transformation.

Theological Education – For the Price of Netflix

The devil quoted the Bible out of context – like many on the liberal left today – but Jesus responded to the devil with the Bible in context.

Context matters, and TheosU is there to help equip you with knowledge of scripture in the right context so that you can defend your Faith and stand on the unchanging truth of God’s Holy Word.

Check out a few free sample course sessions below, compliments of TheosU.

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Woke Theology

Discover what “woke theology” is and why it’s such a danger in our churches today with the first of eight sessions on Woke Theology. Get started today.
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Christian Nationalism

Learn what Nationalism is and whether Christians should participate in politics with the first session of Christian Nationalism. Start now.
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The Concept of Empathy

Uncover the philosophical underpinnings of the in-vogue concept of empathy, and discover why it may not be as good as you think. Watch the first session of this hot topic course now.

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