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Discover Four Principles You Must Embrace to Have a God-Honoring Home

Young people are leaving the church in greater numbers than ever before… and many aren’t coming back. As a parent, you’re the first and best line of defense against this trend. God has called you to disciple your children, as Proverbs 22:6 says…

​Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

We want to help you prepare your kids for the challenges life in our confused culture will throw at them by giving you a special PDF resource titled Founded in Faith: Principles for a Godly Home. It’s based on a message by Voddie Baucham, one of our amazing TPUSA Faith contributors.

Founded in Faith comes as our thanks for your gift today to Equip, Engage, and Empower more Americans through TPUSA Faith.

Your support provides training and resources to help more concerned American Christians like you stand firm to preserve the biblical principles upon which America was founded.

So request your copy of this helpful resource when you give today, and thanks for your partnership.

”More than anything I am able to share what we are learning in Biblical Citizenship with 100% accuracy of why History has evolved the way it has with a God Breathed Constitution. Everyone that sees it or is told about it… gets it right away. Thank You Lord for telling the World! Through us.”

James Dodson
Faith Group Leader at Evident Life Church

”TPUSA Faith is reaching an audience that is commonly forgotten. Learning about how God plays a huge part in how people think and act. If we can reach kids young and teach them about how great our God is and what he can do in people’s lives, then we can change the culture of evil that is happening in this country! I know TPUSA Faith is doing just that by getting with churches!”

Pedro Ramos
TPUSA Faith Activist

”I have been the TPUSA Faith small group leader at our church for around 9 months. I am truly honoured to be in the fight to restore our democracy and religious freedoms. I do not take this role lightly as this movement can and will bring back a striving and ethical America. I have political aspirations and TPUSA Faith has allowed me to access the world of local and state politics. I am blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the activation of the faith community at Family of Faith Church!”

Candice Richardson
Family of Faith Church Spokane, WA

Our Mission

TPUSA Faith is dedicated to empowering Christians to put their faith into action.

We engage, equip, and empower millions of grateful Americans who are prepared to defend our God-given rights, by giving them the tools to expose lies and articulate the connection between Faith and Freedom.

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Engaging with Christian leaders and members of the faith community across the nation to join in civic, social, and cultural discussions.



Equipping millions with the knowledge of constitutional rights ordained by God through the monthly Freedom Night in America initiative and Biblical Citizenship classes.

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Empowering congregations through our faith groups/chapters, Biblical Citizenship classes, national faith tours, and faith leadership summits to help bring foundational biblical principles to their communities.


Get equipped to stand firm for the biblical principles on which America was founded.

Take a Stand for Faith and Freedom

Your support enables TPUSA Faith to engage, equip, and empower more Christians to become civically and culturally engaged like never before.