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Are you a Christian leader interested in getting involved?

TPUSA Faith is serving pastors, faith leaders, churches, and believers across the nation by building an active network of churches, local faith groups, community impact events, registering voters, and educating the Christian community on the connection between Faith and freedom.

If you are interested in leading a community committed to defending our God-given rights and restoring traditional biblical values in our nation, see below for ways to get involved.

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Host a Faith Event

Host Church Events

Host a speaking event

Lead Class Church

Lead a Biblical Citizenship class

Small Group Church

Start a small group or chapter

Organize Community Impact Events

Organize community impact events

Host Drive Church

Host a voter registration drive

Join us for Freedom night in America

TPUSA Faith’s viral online and in-person monthly series is designed to unite millions of Christians in a mission to defend biblical values and our constitutional rights of freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech.