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Resources for You

Get equipped to speak boldly from the pulpit on topics such as sexuality, critical race theory, and the role of the church and government. Each resource below is adapted from a sermon or a talk given by a TPUSA Faith Contributor and is designed to help you craft messages that speak directly, clearly, and compellingly—bringing biblical truth and historical facts to bear on the important issues in today’s society.
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How to Hear God’s Word

The following resource is based on a sermon by Russel Johnson called Biblical Clarity. In it, Russel calls Christians to seek clarity from God’s Word, which does not change, in a confusing, volatile culture. He examines the life of a young Samuel and outlines the keys to hearing from God and preparing ourselves to be used by Him just as Samuel was.
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Making Repentance a Priority

The following resource is based on two sermons from Pastor Steve Berger on the subject of repentance. In it, he examines how the call to repentance was the priority for John the Baptist, Jesus, the disciples, and the apostle Paul – and consequently should be our priority today. You’ll gain a helpful definition of what repentance is, why it’s so important, and what it ultimately produces in the lives of those who repent from sin and turn to God.
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When Moral Law Is No Longer the Authority

The following resource is adapted from a talk given by Charlie Kirk. In it, he calls Christians, particularly pastors, to stand against the progressive voices that undermine the moral law on which our nation was founded. He explores how leftism essentially functions as a religion whose endgame boils down to one word: chaos. The church must rise up now to combat the chaos with the moral order God designed and revealed in his world.
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Cultural Marxism with Dr. Voddie Baucham

The following resource is adapted from a message by Dr. Voddie Baucham. In it, he outlines the history and thought of Cultural Marxism, and the danger it presents to society today. Baucham reveals how Cultural Marxism’s core concepts are antithetical to the gospel and calls the church to stand against this destructive view which opposes our Christian faith and threatens to erode our nation.
Postmodernism In The Church

Postmodernism in the Church

The following resource is adapted from a conversation between Pastor Rob McCoy and Gabriel Finochio. In it, they discuss the effect of postmodernism in the church and on our university systems. You’ll discover how liberalism has diluted the gospel message and how universities and even public schools are creating confusion rather than instruction for our young people. It’s a call to stand for biblical orthodoxy and a return to rational thinking in our culture.
How To Talk To People About Abortion

How to Talk to People about Abortion

The following resource is adapted from a message by Gabriel “Gabe” Finochio on the topic of abortion. In it, Gabe outlines two reasons why abortion exists and three reasons you, as a Christian, have to oppose it. He’ll equip you to engage in conversations on this difficult subject with anyone you meet – from the stranger on the bus, to your coworkers, to your family members who hold a different view. Importantly, Gabe explains how Scripture, Church tradition, and even science all support the fact that life begins at conception, encouraging you to boldly speak the truth, with grace, to others.
Government A Gift From God

Government a gift from God

The following resource is adapted from Pastor Rob McCoy’s sermon “God and Government.” In it, Rob explains how government is God’s idea and a wonderful gift to us. He shows you how the law and government instruct us on how to live together and why Christians in America need to step up and engage more consistently in the public square.
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The following resource is adapted from Pastor Rob McCoy’s sermon “Ekklesia.” In it, Rob explains how we’ve exchanged the church for the public square and missed our calling as the body of Christ to regularly engage in politics. He also corrects the common assumption that Romans 13 calls for unlimited submission to governing authorities, explaining from Scripture why American believers must stand up to tyrannical government when it fails to uphold people’s God-given rights. Ultimately, Christians are called to show love for our neighbors by contending for them and standing for truth.

Additional Resources

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Access valuable insights on faith and Christianity in America from research by the Center for Cultural Studies, led by Dr. George Barna.

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Find expert legal interpretations of the Constitution, existing caselaw, and historical writings of the founders regarding your freedom to exercise and share your faith, as well as the freedoms afforded to religious organizations and churches.

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Get insight into your rights regarding medical care and your freedom to abstain from healthcare mandates on the basis of your Christian faith.

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Discover what your church or religious organization has the right and freedom to do to engage in the political process and advocate for biblical, Christian principles in our nation.

Stand Firm with TPUSA Faith Courses

As Christians, it’s becoming harder to stand up for faith in the face of our society’s progressive, woke agenda. You have to equip your congregation in tough issues confidently, and with history and Scripture on your side.

That’s why we’ve created TPUSA Faith courses designed to help you boldly proclaim biblical truth from the pulpit. Learn more today!

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Restored is a 4-part series led by Victor Marx and Joshua Broome, designed to help you find freedom from pornography. Victor and Joshua each bring their own unique experiences to bear in this powerful approach to helping men (and women) break free from the grip of porn on their life.

Tpusaf0223pp Rob Mccoy

As a Christian in America, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand for your Faith and God-given Freedoms in the face of our society’s progressive, woke agenda. But our great nation was founded on biblical, Christian principles, and despite what historical revisionists will tell you, the founding fathers strongly believed that religion and morality were essential to the enduring success of America.

Tpusaf0223pp John Wu

Most people are familiar with, or have at least heard of, the “7 deadly sins.” But while the Scriptures never talk about seven deadly sins, the Bible does provide a list of seven things that are detestable to God – sins which are increasingly prevalent in our culture today.