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Christians’ Involvement in Politics

The following resource is based on a message by Chad Connelly titled “Government and a Biblical Worldview.” In it, Chad shares how the Founding Fathers drew significant inspiration from God’s Word as they developed the foundations of our great nation. He calls Christians to engage in politics at every level and use their voting power to uphold God’s values in our culture, with a warning about what will happen if we fail to answer this call.
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Warning Signs in Our Culture

The following resource is based on a sermon by Ryan Romeo called “Discerning the Boundaries of Truth.” In it, Romeo calls on Christians to recognize the times we’re living in and stay attuned to the warnings in our culture. He examines the lies the enemy uses to dismantle the truth in our hearts and calls believers to stand firm in the truth of God’s Word.
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Open the Blacksmith Shop

The following resource is based on a sermon by Jentezen Franklin called “Open Up the Blacksmith Shop,” preached at the 2023 TPUSA Faith Pastor’s Summit in Nashville, TN. In it, Jentezen examines 1 Samuel 13 to show you what the Israelites’ struggle against the Philistines teaches about the need to arm yourself against your spiritual enemy. He calls pastors to boldly preach truth from God’s Word in the pulpit so Christians have the tools they need to fight the spiritual battles being waged in our nation.
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What Good Fathers Do

This resource is based on the sermon “More Fathers, Less Government” by Mark Driscoll. In it, he shares staggering statistics that demonstrate the destructive effects of fatherlessness in our nation, and challenges men to step up to be the fathers God intends them to be. You’ll discover three vital roles good fathers fulfill for their children as protectors, providers, and pastors.
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When Empathy Becomes Sin

The following resource is based on a sermon from Ryan Visconti titled “When Empathy Becomes Sin.” In it, Ryan calls Christians to show Christlike compassion to the hurting in order to help people move from victim to victor. Simultaneously, he warns against the elevation of victimhood in today’s culture and the pitfalls of empathy that overlook, excuse, and even enable sin.


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