America Needs A Monarchy

After lots of thought I have officially determined that America needs a monarchy.

Not a monarchy like from Europe or the Middle Ages and certainly not a monarchy like the one we fought so hard to leave in 1776…

When I say monarchy I am specifically talking about a monarchy that is not of Earth.

You see, the problem with governments is that they are run by man and as the Bible clearly states ALL of mankind falls short of the Glory of God.

That’s why when I say America needs a monarchy I mean we need A KING from heaven.

Thankfully as believers in Jesus, we have that King. He knows us, he loves us and he fights for us daily…

No form of government will ever be perfect, but when we follow our King and Father in Heaven and we hold his word near to our hearts, he will NEVER lead us astray.

I am forever grateful that Jesus, our King, is not just a normal King but also a shepherd.

He will not forsake us and that is an unbelievable comfort to have.

We do not need to worry about the decisions of the government on a day to day basis because our King transcends all of those issues from his throne in Heaven.

If more Americans recognized who is really in control, and who ACTUALLY reigns in our country, things would look a lot different…

By Graham Allen
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