Why America Needs the TPUSA Faith Pastors Summit

Hello, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Pastor Rob McCoy. I want to take a moment to discuss a matter of great urgency. You may feel it in your hearts, hear it in the prayers of your congregants, and see it in the turmoil reflected in the daily news cycle. I’m talking about the state of our great nation.

As we stand in the middle of 2023, the United States is navigating some of the most challenging times in its history. From a backdrop of ongoing political polarization to increasing secularism, the fabric of our society is strained. We are facing threats, not only to our physical well-being but more critically to our moral and spiritual values. This tectonic shift is pervasive, testing the robustness of the foundation of our nation.

Despite these struggles, remember, as Pastors, we have an unmatched opportunity. We are called by God to be the beacon of hope, healing, and reconciliation. It is through our words and actions that we can effect meaningful change and lead our nation back to its core principles of faith, freedom, and unity. It is here that the TPUSA Faith Pastors Summit comes into play.

If you’ve not heard of the TPUSA Faith Pastors Summit, let me elucidate. This event gathers together Pastors from across the country, inviting us to learn from one another, build upon our shared values, and work together to address the challenges of our time. This is not just another conference; it’s a chance to galvanize our collective strength for the betterment of our congregations and the nation at large.

At this Summit, we’ll learn how to bring Biblical truth to the forefront of societal discourse, not just within the safe confines of our church walls but out in the wider world. We will learn from leading theologians, cultural experts, and policy makers who understand our unique calling and its intersection with society. We will be equipped with practical tools and resources that will help us navigate and address the most pressing issues of our time.

Now, more than ever, we need to have our voices heard. We need to bring the message of Christ’s love, compassion, and unity into the hearts and minds of our citizens. We need to provide clear Biblical perspectives on the issues facing our nation. That is why I am urging all my fellow Pastors to attend the TPUSA Faith Pastors Summit.

Do not underestimate your influence as a Pastor. We have been entrusted with a profound responsibility, one that has the power to lead our nation back to the path of unity and godliness. The TPUSA Faith Pastors Summit is a golden opportunity to come together as one body of Christ, to inspire, learn, grow, and lead.

Let us make the most of this opportunity. Let us stand together, strong and united, to effect change in our nation, one sermon, one soul, at a time.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Rob McCoy

By Rob McCoy

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This September 13th-15th, TPUSA Faith is excited to host our next Pastors’ Summit in San Diego, CA. This three-day event is for pastors, ministry leaders, and faith leaders – featuring incredible speakers and subject matter experts from across the country.