Use This Summer For Your Children

Summer is an interesting time for your kids. Oftentimes this is a time of significant change for them whether it be classes, camps or going one grade higher.

While summer for them is definitely a time of relaxation DO NOT let it be a time of passivity for you and your role in their life.

Be present. Kids NEED you in their lives. They need a Godly example of what a parent looks like. This could be in encouraging words, special time with each and every one of them or it could be discipline that many children do not have these days…

Our culture right now is screaming out that children should be able to do WHATEVER they want…

While in theory this “sounds good”, it is important for us as parents to show our children that it is not about what “you want” but what GOD wants for us!

This is a vital life lesson that EVERY child should know and this summer is the PERFECT time to teach them that.

If as parents, we aren’t actively teaching our kids this, you better believe that Satan is going to try and infiltrate the world of your child when things are “easy” especially in a time like summer…

Be an active and present parent. Teach your children God’s word. America needs it now more than ever.

By Graham Allen
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